“GA-Omni Trainer” Global Recruitment Program

In the face of rapid changes in the global market, being a fitness coach requires not only professional skills, but also a sustainable career plan and abundant promotion channels and resources. Cross-border marketing has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Everyone is choosing to diversify and develop in an all-round way. Fitness coach is no exception. This will no longer be a profession that only stays in the gym. Online interaction and offline activities will reshape fitness coaches. Professional image, globalization, specialization, networking, and socialization will all become new labels.

As a fitness coach, are you ready for transformation?



This training program was initiated by Gym Aesthetics, a German professional fitness clothing and gear brand, and jointly promoted the implementation of the plan with world-renowned fitness training institutions, social media operators, and health management institutions.

After years of global product operation and fitness service management, German professional fitness brand Gym Aesthetics hopes to narrow the distance between the brand and fitness institutions, fitness coaches and fitness enthusiasts, and establish the first fitness exchange-oriented professional in the world interactive platform. “GA-Omni Trainer” program launched this time as a brand's first strategic project, aimed at professional fitness coaches and senior fitness enthusiasts, creating a world-class learning and growth opportunity for them, creating a professional communication and display stage, and creating a social and interactive platform in the new era.

The goals of the “GA-Omni Trainer” program include:

  • Support talents to obtain professional fitness training
  • Cultivate talents to develop to a new level in the field of fitness
  • Promote people to get more attention through social media


Whether you are a professional fitness coach or a passionate fitness enthusiast, this will be the most shining moment in your life. Gym Aesthetics will hire the world's top trainers, coupled with the world's best promotion resources, provide global professional fitness clothing and equipment, and work with all fitness professionals to pass the brand's vision to the global fitness crowd, and jointly complete the brand's mission. As a brand that knows more about fitness, Gym Aesthetics and all “GA-Omni Trainer” will follow the same goal: eager to go further.


“GA-Omni Trainer” program is not just a simple training project, but also gives fitness experts a set of exclusive 4P rights:

  • Promotion : to show to the global audience through our social media channels
  • Platform : through online and offline methods, attract global followers
  • Penetration : cultivate international fitness skills and professional knowledge, and open up new markets
  • Professional treatment : Professional perks-provide professional fitness clothing and equipment, global industry event invitations, professional training programs and certifications.


  • Online channel resources : Through the brand's global social media channels (including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Douyin, Weibo, WeChat, etc.), regular promotional content for “GA-Omni Trainer”, including pictures, graphics, short videos, etc. Form release.
  • Offline channel resources : Jointly carry out Gym A Club experience activities with “GA-Omni Trainer”. The brand will bear the costs of event execution, promotion, photography, material production, etc., and provide exclusive gifts for the event, so as to better carry out the fitness expert line Next promotion.
  • Exclusive qualification certification : The brand will assist in completing the international professional-level "fitness instructor certification" for “GA-Omni Trainer”who achieve the expected training goals.
  • Global fitness activities : Gym Aesthetics will invite “GA-Omni Trainer” to participate in fitness exhibitions, trade shows and fitness exchange activities around the world.
  • Additional income return : As a “GA-Omni Trainer “, you can enjoy a 25% discount on the lifetime purchase of Gym Aesthetics brand products, and get a 10% discount privilege code for relatives and friends, assist in completing brand product promotion and sales to obtain corresponding commissions, and income from online courses And other returns.

Join the " GA-Omni Trainer " recruitment program now, light up your brand new international fitness identity and start your exclusive career plan.